Thursday, April 07, 2016

2016 ?!

It's been almost a year without writing any new post.
Hi blog, how are you? Sorry for leaving you un-updated for so long. And don't worry, I'll never forget you.
'Cos after I've really get into new school life, my life was so hectic, like.....

Through this year, I've gain so much... and lost alot, too.
My hair becomes longer as I didn't cut my hair since 24-1-2015 until now. One and a quarter years.
My face gains so much pimpless and annoying red spot all over my face and maybe because of stress or what they say endocinours disorder and wadsoever
Since 2016 I'd moved to a new house again and its like WOW 
my didi also transferred to my school too and we can go and back to school together like we used to be two years ago. But I really 7 sien of him because he makes me late to school, everyday. Yes, EVERYDAY.
I had also gone through so much of rubbish things between this period.
and because of these shits too, finally i get to see how this CH was :) and how the people act so naturally in here and there. but yet, ive got some truly real friendship with some of them too, really appreciate and I promise will never let anyone of you to gone far to me again, provided you'll never leave me the same. HA

Sheila Eve Irene Huiyee Wency Jason Andy Jeffrey.. yes thanks babessss.. Damn lot  
We never need so much friends which all will easily forget about you but we really need one or two friends that will always stand by you and trust 100% over you no matter how's the north and the south pole is turned up 


我会好好的生活,好好的读书,拼出一个漂亮的成绩好好的善用我的时间做我应该做的事。好好珍惜我身边的人。好好在自己的圈子做自己喜欢做的事。Term 1 成绩不甚理想,没达到3.0的目标可是没关系我会再继续努力的。必需改变学习态度我必须规划自己的未来,我必须不再被任何人影响,我必须早日振作振作,常常抱怨上天是不公平的,但是他给的最公平的是时间,只是看在你怎么用这个时间,就决定你未来会在哪里做什么。早日改变,早日转变。


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