Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Interesting May

It's may, almost half of this 2015 already. omg is this my problem or..? why i think that this year everything seems so fast so tiring, i still remember the scene when me with my family went countdown at one shopping mall and we snatched the balloons like retarded and the present we got are spoon and chicken rice coupon wtf blablablabla and YET noww is the middle of may already haaa.

okay first thing i want to tell is! FINALLY I GOT MY P LICENSE! *jiang jianggg ~

 no photos to show hahahha really stupid and super slow already compared to ma btu buddies them. all pass already then i baru start go learn driving and because of some complex reasons , ive been learnt driving for almost 4 months =.= and i ever failed too just because i f***ing forget to put on my seatbelt! walao kamu tau satu seatbelt cost how much? 50(retest)+ 3(gst) lagi ngaidiao stupid ah everything i havent start then i failed already hahahahaha jinjia paiseh
and i never want to go back again TT became so black and ugly after learn driving i no lie you haha
but sometime i miss my laoshigor lahhh :X all the best for him and thank you alot since he taught me so much and chat with me so much for being my only fren in Miri since these few months. feel guilty a lil bit for not thanks him face to face ha. but i know he never ji jiao laaa XD (eih u own me a movie!

hmmmm another things i need to announce to the world is, I've started my new school life ! :D

Since these two or three weeks are still for orientation, so everyday we played and played and played only. kinda boring sometime because toooo eng to school. but met some new friends in my new school too! hmm lets talk about some of them kekeke
呆萌可是很高的巧慧,Marudi来的很嗨很伟大的Jenny,很欠打很搞笑的金桂,第一天就因为他的一句你觉得我要穿XL还是XXL弄到我觉得他超级可爱的Irene,头头带我去厕所就和我说话其实很美的00,还有每天懒懒散散与世无争的Evelyn,很厉害很亲切的Bryna,还有两个她们自己很好很好的朋友Sheila和xinni。hmmm 目前就这样先 :P

I dont know why I just suddenly and unconditionally mixed with this group of weird and cute friends. My class has three big groups, as what I mentioned above is a group, then the gamer boys, a group of pretty girls with two big guys. and soon our big class gonna separate again to physics and bio class too. I chose Physics from the first till the end, i don't know why. obviously bio is more suitable for girls and almost all girls go to bio and boys go to physics. then im shocked then i still think that i dont like bioooooooooo =.= too boring for me to learn the aerobic and anaerobic respiration carbohydrate enzyme la whatever la. as you can see, this morning when teacher was briefing about what we'll learn about bio in form 6 then my eyes automatically excrete out eye drops because of yawning. oh! you cant see

err dont blame for so many broken-English because I already plucked up so much of my courage to type with this language T_T write more, read more, talk more in case to improve and I still havent done with any one of these three points neither with the easiest --- read more. and i promised to myself that i need to put on 101% of my effort to churn up my impressive writing for it ! (wish i wont forget about what the promise Ive made with myself today.) haha done with the irritating conversation with myself le byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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